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Sorgnatt - Follow Solitude [AB018D] 2014

The compilation contains the re-mastered Demo from 2005 and the Vinyl EP plus bonus tracks. Released only in digital format on 01.01.2014. Visit amazon, cdbaby, iTunes & other digital stores worldwide to preview and get the release.


Sorgnatt - Follow Solitude


Sorgnatt - Follow Solitude (2014)


01.Solitude (Remastered) 7:13
02.Suicide (Remastered) 11:07
03.Absorbed Into Nothingness (Remastered 2013) 10:02
04.Ravens Will Feast (On The Flesh Of Mankind) 8:04
05.Nowhere To Turn 2:44
06.One Path To Follow 4:31
07.Dark Aum (Outro Cut) 1:26
08.One Path (MashUp) 3:54
09.Dark Aum (Remix) 4:32
10.Isolated and detached, descending thoughts (Instrumental) 5:44


Total playing time ~60 min. Cat. No.: AB018D



After the first 7'' EP release of the band in 2013, Follow Solitude is the latest material from the Romanian atmospheric black metal band Sorgnatt. This compilation album comprises of the Remastered edition of SBS Demo and the 7'' EP plus bonus tracks.

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