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Sorgnatt – One Path To Follow [AB016] 2013

Atmospheric Black Metal from Sibiu/Transylvania/RO


Side A:

1.Ravens Will Feast (On The Flesh Of Mankind)

Side B:

2.Nowhere To Turn
3.One Path To Follow
4.Dark Aum (Outro Cut)

Side DVD:

5.Nowhere To Turn (Videoclip)
6.One Path (Mashup)
7.Dark Aum (ABBILDUNG Remix)

+ Photo slideshow. EP total playing time ~30 min.

Released in 2013 by Ancient Beliefs and Essentia Mundi, EP 7" vinyl + DVD, probably the first black metal vinyl released by a Romanian label with a Romanian band and Romanian artwork photography and design. Contains also the first official videoclip of the band and bonus tracks on the accompanying DVD. This is a quite hist(e)orical release, get it now! Comes in extra anti-dust sleeve and with a Sorgnatt sticker!


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