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Sorgnatt - Stillness (Demo Tape 2013) [AB007]

Atmospheric Black Metal from Sibiu/Transylvania/RO


Side A:

1. Intro (1:56)
Ravens Will Feast (Demo Version) (7:38)
3. Into The Depths of Your Depressive Hell (Demo Version) (11:11)

Side B:

3. Isolated and Detached, Descending Thoughts (Demo Version) (5:44)
4. Nowhere to Turn (Demo Version) (2:52)
5. Suspended in Stillness (Demo Version) (12:42)

Total playing time ~42 min.
Released in 2013 by Ancient Beliefs. The first full-length of the band from Sibiu. All instruments and real drums by Gravstein & Hadenskog. Dark ambience by ABBILDUNG. Prof. made black tape.


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