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Nycticorax-Black Raven, Dark Night MMIX ‎(CDr, Album) [AB015] 2009

Latvian Black-Death Metal


01. Ora pro nobis - Intro
02. River of a death
03. amnis morti 
04. Eternal winter 
05. hiemis
06. Dawn
07. aurora 
08. Likantropia
09. lupus
10. Ravens
11. corvus
12. Sapiens astris - Outro 

Sample here.


Released in 2009, mastered at AB Studio. This is another mix of the album, with different tracks and cover. Some CDr copies are still available.

Epitaphium-Beyond Reality (CDr, Album) [AB014] 2009

Hungarian raw Black Metal


1.Barbarian Night
2.Silence Shall Burn
3.Fire of the Skies
4.Arising Madness
5.In the Mystic Nature
6.Call of the Frozen...
7.Against the Stars
8.Into the Woods
9.Dead and Forgotten

Sample here.


Released in 2009, mastered at AB Studio. The first full-length release of the Hungarian band. A nice album that skillfully combines harsh guitars and fierce vocals. You can still get a CDr copy.

Skogsvandrerne-Skogsvandrerne (CDr, Album) [AB013] 2008

Raw Black Meta from Norway


5.Den Grusomme
6.Det Som En Gang Var

Sample here.


Released in 2008, mastered at AB Studio. This was a nice addition to the Ancient Beliefs releases, this is a band from Norway. Although short the self-titled album release is a nice piece of raw black in the vein of early Burzum. Some CDr copies are still available.

Nycticorax-Umbra Mortis MMVII ‎(CDr, Album, Ltd) [AB012] 2007

Latvian Black-Death Metal


7.Winter Tale

Sample here.

  Released in 2007, mastered at AB Studio, this was a new mix of the album, a way for the band to see another face of the release. It is simple and straight black metal fury from the Baltic lands. Some CDr copies are still available.

Epitaphium - Under Time (CDr, Dem) [AB011] 2006

Soulless - Summoning Heresy (CDr, EP, Ltd) [AB010] 2006

Sorgnatt - Solitude Before Suicide (CDr, Ltd) [AB009] 2005

Abbildung - Dunkles Wissenschaftliches Sachverhalten (CDr, Album, Enh, Ltd) [AB008] 2005

Mourningwinter - First Black Winter (Live In Sibiu) (CDr, MiniAlbum, Enh) [AB007] 2005

Mourningwinter - Draco ‎(CDr, Enh) [AB006] 2004

Primordial / Negura Bunget / May Result / Psycho Symphony - Storming The East (5 CD) [AB005] 2003 - filmed and free distributed with the consent of Negura Music (organizer of the event) through Gabriel Mafa (Negru). Comes in CDBox hosting the 5 CDrs. CDr are regular brand ones. Hand written on the surface. Cover is bw printed on both sides. Filmed on digita8 at that time was considered high quality. The format of files are avi (divx) and on the CDs there are some other infos and extras. A few copies were distributed as single DVD version, but not that much extras on these.

Bucovina / Thy Shadows - Live Sighisoara ‎(CDr, VCD, Comp, PAL, Liv) [AB004] 2003 (Bootleg)

Bethlehem - Suizid Radio - The audio side of Suicide Radio DVD. [AB003] (Bootleg)

Black Metal vol. I - Comp. for Black Metal movement promotion in Rock pubs, clubs around Sibiu. Contains Nagelfar, Shining, Burzum, Immortal, Negura Bunget, Lux Occulta, Satyricon... up to 100 copies produced in 2002-2003. [AB002] (Bootleg)

Nokturnal Mortum - Return Of The Vampire Lord / Marble Moon only a few CDr and a tape made never distributed! [AB001] - through BoP from Varggoth.

Wotan Mit Uns! - Ancient Beliefs Burzum Tribute (CDr, Comp, Ltd) [AB000] 2003 - edition with bw cover (copies given or sold on a closed circle, numbered) and the re-release edition with color cover (the main release, not numbered). Both editions on Prof. CDr with textured surface, some are totally black (re-edition mostly).

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